Student Affairs Undergraduate Fellows Program

The goal of this this semi-structured mentoring program is to connect students who are interested in exploring a career in Student Affairs with practitioners from the Division of Student Affairs at UGA. The Student Affairs Undergraduate Fellows Program supports career exploration, personal and professional development, and mentoring relationships through monthly meetings and opportunities to network. Mentors and fellows are paired based on professional interests and will attend monthly meetings. In addition to the formal meetings, mentors and fellows are encouraged to meet and communicate regularly outside of these meetings to meet the goals they set for their mentoring relationship.



We are now accepting applications for the 2020-2021 academic year. Complete this form and submit your resume by April 22, 2020.


Outcomes: Student Affairs Undergraduate Fellows will

  • Set goals and expectations for your own learning as a Student Affairs Undergraduate Fellow and for your mentoring relationship.
  • Describe the mission and organizational structure of UGA Student Affairs within the broader context of the history and purpose of student affairs.
  • Discuss ethical decision making and reflect on your own decision-making processes.
  • Develop and practice professional networking skills.
  • Identify your current career goals and strategies/resources to achieve those goals.
  • Develop and reflect on your interpersonal cultural competency skills.


Monthly meetings:

  • September: Introductions and Program Overview
  • October : Goals and Expectations, Overview of UGA Student Affairs
  • November: Student Affairs as a Profession; Current Career Aspirations
  • December: Networking Skills
  • January: Reflection and Goals for the Spring; Ethical Decision-Making
  • February: Early Career Expectations and Experiences; Graduate School
  • March: Interpersonal and Cultural Competency Skills
  • April: Your Area of Interest: Next Steps
  • April: Reflection and End-of-Year Celebration

Contact Information

Kara Fresk
Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs - Learning Strategy