Funded Projects FY 2018

Examining Participation and Retention in Recreational Sports Ramsey Fitness Classes Using an Interpersonal Self-Regulation Framework

Dr. Michelle vanDellen, Assistant Professor; Psychology

LeeAnn Beam, Graduate Student in Psychology

Dr. Ellen Evans, Professor, Kinesiology

Student Affairs Partner: Recreational Sports

Keywords: physical activity, close relationships, social influence, self-regulation 

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Returning to Learn after Concussion: A Phenomenological Investigation of University Student Experiences

Dr. Katy O'Brien, Assistant Professor; Communication Sciences and Special Education

Student Affairs Partners: Disability Resource Center; Office of Student Care and Outreach

Keywords: concussion, brain injury, academic adjustments, accommodations, return to learn

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Impact of Studying on Vitamin D Levels among College Students

Dr. Jennifer Gay, Associate Professor, Health Promotion & Behavior; Institute of Gerontology

Student Affairs Partner: University Health Center

Keywords: Vitamin D; sun exposure; studying; physical activity; nutrition

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Evaluating the Preliminary Efficacy of a Campus-wide Sexual Violence Prevention Social Media Marketing (SMM) Campaign at the University of Georgia

Dr. Deanna  Walters, Health Promotion & Behavior Instructor; College of Public Health

Dr. Carolyn Lauckner, Assistant Professor; College of Public Health

Anne Marie Schipani-McLaughlin, MPH, Doctoral Student; College of Public Health

Keywords: Sexual violence prevention; bystander behavior, social media marketing

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Director of Academic Partnerships and Initiatives