Support Students - Know the Resources

Our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and may experiences different challenges and hardships while at UGA. These resources provide an overview of Student Affairs support services available to students.

Report a Concern for a Student

If you're concerned about a students and would like to get them connected to Student Care and Outreach, which provides individualized assistance and tailored interventions to students experiencing complex and extenuating circumstances, click to learn more.

CAPS Counseling and Psychiatric Services

Provides short-term care for individuals and couples.

Financial Hardship Resources

Guidance and resources to help students understand all of the available options in times of financial hardship.

Fontaine Center Prevention and Support Services

Alcohol and other drug, Relationship & Sexual Violence Prevention and support services

Student Emergency Fund

The UGA Student Emergency Fund is available to provide limited, one-time financial assistance to enrolled students who are unable to meet immediate, essential expenses because of temporary hardship related to an emergency situation.


Free wellness and mental health resources.

Hardship withdrawals

If a students is experiencing a situation that may require a hardship withdrawal, we encourage students to reach out to Student Care and Outreach to discuss options and resources.

Food Pantry

The UGA Student Food Pantry provides non-perishable & refrigerated food items to students in need.


EMBARK@UGA is a campus-wide initiative providing support for college students who have experienced foster care and/or homelessness. Contact Carrie Smith

LGBT Resource Center Listservs

Join one or more of the six LGBT ListServ groups to receive regular updates on events, resources, and more. Newsletters are sent to the ListServ members on weekly and/or monthly cycles.

Language Partner Program

A volunteer program designed to build cross cultural relationships and support international students who wish to improve their confidence and fluency in English.

International Student Orientation

ISL organizes an international student orientation for new and transfer international students. The information included in the ISL orientation is not covered by any other orientation program on campus.

International Tax Assistance Program ($)

Every international student in the United States is required to file tax paperwork, even if they have not worked.

LGBT Resources

Campus, local and national list of resources.

LGBTRC Library

The LGBT Resource Center provides many resources for UGA students, faculty, and staff. These include books, videos, journals, magazines, and a variety of brochures, which are available for check out.

Student Veterans Orientation

Overview of the wealth of resources and coaching programs for student veterans.

Contact Information

Kara Fresk
Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs - Learning Strategy